#TherapeuticThursday – May 12th, 2016 – Work Life Balance

Therapeutic Thursday – Work Life Balance

My cup is overflowing!! Today has been filled with relaxation and fun. The day started off on a great note when Cole made me coffee before I was even out of bed. A day cannot start any better than that! Afterwards, I went to an hour long yoga class. The focus was balance. In my reflection, I concluded that maybe it wasn’t just about physical balance but emotional as well. Straight from yoga, I went to meet with Mary and Stormy. Mary is such a phenomenal riding instructor, listener and friend. I’ve been emotionally drained over the last 24 hours. Mary listened and helped my find an output for the negative energy through an intense riding lesson. Oh the skills I have lost over the years!! Thankfully, Stormy is incredible. She challenges me just enough without ever putting me in harms way. She makes me think so that I cannot get distracted. Most of all, she is so loving. She plays hard to get sometimes, but after I turned her out, Mary and I were hanging in the pasture when I looked over my shoulder to find Stormy waiting for additional love. She melts my heart!!

Now, I am off to enjoy a date with Cole. Life is great. If you haven’t yet, get out and enjoy #TherapeuticThursday.






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