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Thanksgiving is here! With the invention of social media, Pinterest and the internet, more people are showing off their Thanksgiving feasts than ever before.  Having an easy, DIY  Thanksgiving centerpiece will look great in all the photographs taken at your celebration. Here are two SIMPLE ways do it yourself centerpieces that require no crafting ability!

Watch the video tutorial HERE

Centerpiece #1 – Candle and Garland

Shopping List:

  • Lantern or Vase
  • Candle – Any Color (we chose orange)
  • Thanksgiving or Fall Garland

We headed to a craft store in town for these items. Pick what fits your taste – there is no right or wrong when making a centerpiece.

Step One:

Place the candle in the lantern or vase.

Step Two:

Wrap the garland into a circle. This might seem bit difficult at first, but just work the wire that is in the garland. To get the garland to stay in a circle, hook the end of the garland around another section of garland.

Step Three:

Place the garland and lantern/vase in the middle of your table. Add the candle.

Step Four:

Garnish with a pumpkins or winter squash.

Centerpiece #2 – “Thankful” Gold Centerpiece

Shopping List:

  • Thankful Plate – This one was purchased at Hobby Lobby. If you don’t like this plate, head to your local craft/decor store and find something that you like. It doesn’t have to be a plate, just something that is medium height (you don’t want it to be so tall that your guests cannot see each other over it!).
  • Two large candle holders – We chose gold ones to match the plate.
  • Two Taper Candle Holders and  Candles – This is a perfect time to use some that have been sitting in the china hutch untouched! If you don’t have any, most craft stores carry them in the candle section.
  • Greenery – We shop local whenever possible, so we went to Saffron & Grey for ours. They had a few different kinds in stock, but we chose the seeded eucalyptus because it has an amazing fragrance.

Step One:

Arrange the plate (or plate replacement), candle holders and taper candlesticks on the table. We suggest that you put the plate in the middle with the tall candlesticks on either side and the short candle holders on the outside. Hint: Play with height! You’ll notice that we have chosen items that have different heights. Doing this makes the centerpiece more dynamic.

Step Two:

Cut the greenery and arrange down the center of the table. I like to start on the ends and work towards the middle so that I can hid the stems. Add as much or as little greenery as you would like!

YES!! It is really that easy to have a simple, yet beautiful centerpiece!

Source: Event Planner Gives Tips for Holiday Hosting

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