A New Adventure

Cole and I had a very simple resolution for 2015 – we wanted a plain, boring year with little to no big life changes. We set this resolution after realizing that since being married, every year we had at least one major life change. It was exciting when we sat down to write the Christmas letter for 2015 and realized that we had accomplished our goal – 2015 was a plain, boring year! Little did we know what God had in store for us…

We hadn’t even reached 2016 when Cole received an email from a recruiter asking if he would be interested in a job in Duluth. We’ve always loved the North Shore and sometimes dreamt about moving up there and buying a small hobby farm. Our discussions were never super serious, but it certainly was fun to dream. Cole interviewed with the company, liked them but wasn’t sold on the job that they were offering since it didn’t involve any energy modeling (in case you don’t know my husband, he has a passion for energy efficiency and all things green). Fast forward a month to January 2016 when Cole gets an email from the recruiter explaining that the company basically wrote his dream position for him. We had to think quickly, but in the end it was a no brainer – we had to pack up and head north!

Coles Building
Cole’s new office – right on Lake Superior!

Things have flown since then. In a matter of days I gave notice at Cannon River Winery, where I had the privilege of serving as Events Manager. Within two weeks our house was on the market and we had secured a rental home in Superior, Wisconsin. Only two weeks after that, our house was sold and Cole gave notice to his work. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for us both. At times we are so excited we can hardly sleep, but there have also been many moments filled with sadness at leaving jobs and friends that we love deeply.

At some point along the way, I came to terms with the fact that for the first time since graduating college, I wouldn’t have a job after March 19th. As an Event Planner, not having a plan for a job was a harsh reality to face. Thankfully, I have an incredibly supportive family (including some awesome friends and coworkers) that have pushed me to pursue a dream of my own – starting my own event planning business.

Having my own company is something that I’ve thought about since falling in love with event planning. However, I’ve always had an excuse for not making this dream a reality. Mostly, the excuses came down to just being too busy with work and loving my clients too much to leave them. Cole’s new job is giving me the push I need to start taking steps towards achieving my goal.

Pure Event Planning & Design is a dream come true. A lot of hard work lies ahead, so I am inviting you on this journey with us. My blog will sometimes be totally work related, sometimes will be filled with personal stuff, and most often will be a combination of the two.

Our plan right now is somewhat short term – we both are finishing at work this week. We then have a week and a half to pack up the house. The big move is March 30th – thankfully, Cole’s new company is paying for movers! After we are settled, we plan to search in earnest for a small hobby farm (though we are already looking online and VERY excited by a few that are currently on the market). Cole starts his new job April 4th and the same day I plan to dive head first into owning my own business!

As I bring this first post to a close, I have no idea what God has in store for us in 2016. However, I am excited for whatever is to come. After all, life is so good.

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4 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Welcome to the northland! I saw your blog thru the Johnson’s fb comments and felt compelled to reach out. We live in the Blackhoof area, between Carlton and Barnum, about a half hour out of Duluth. We have a hobby farm (lots of them in our area) with geese and chickens and a Great Pyrenees guard dog. Used to have goats too. My husband pastors a small church here and we also started our own business 1 1/2 years ago called Kingdom Restoration Services. We clean with a truckmount system tile and grout floors, carpet, and many other hard surfaces. We’re excited to be launching a new product called EcoSeal for floors and indoor/outdoor surface sealing/application that is completely non-toxic. We joined a BNI group last fall that has been great for making all kinds for contacts in the Duluth area. The group is looking to add an event planner. Not sure if you’ve considered joining a BNI, but you are always more than welcome to visit for free.

    I apologize if this has come across as a sales pitch. It’s really not. I was just struck by the number of common factors as I read your blog. Feel free to check with Derek & Kristy on our character. 😀 Again, welcome to the area and we’d be open to making a connection with you.

    I read this to my husband and he said “invite them out to church”. So here’s the invite. 😊 We are at Sandy Lake Baptist Church at 3099 Cty Rd 5 Barnum, MN. Our worship service starts at 10:30. We could do lunch. Maybe we could even talk Derek & Kristy into a return visit as well.

    1. Hi Nicole!

      Sorry, I’ve been so involved in wrapping up my last days at my old job (okay, that’s officially weird to say!!), packing up our house and settling into the new rental, that I haven’t been on here at all! I’m really looking forward to officially having “office” time (really a desk in our loft) come Monday once all the boxes are unpacked.

      I am absolutely interested in joining a BNI group. Where is yours located? I know there are a few in the area, so I want to be somewhat strategic as far as where I join up.

      Thanks for the invite to church!! That quest actually starts on Sunday as its something that is super important to us. We are starting with a couple a family member recommended. I’ll let you know if I pop out your way. Feel free to email me – mary@pure-events.com if you want to make more direct contact.

      Thanks for reaching out… We have very few connections up here. As a people person, its overwhelming to start over. I really appreciate it!

      – Mary

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