Wedding Tip Wednesday #2 – Wedding Toasts

Wedding Tips from A Duluth, Minnesota Wedding Planner

Hi everyone! Mary Carlson here with Pure Event Planning & Design. I hope everyone had a really great holiday season. We are back here for We are back here today for Wedding Tip Wednesday after a couple of week break for the holidays.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about wedding toasts. One of the things I started to see if 2016 is that toasts are starting to go on longer, and longer, and longer. Even though whomever is giving the toast is doing so out of love, having a super long toast can be really uncomfortable for guests and can negatively impact your party. As a result, I am starting to tell my clients that when they talk about giving toasts with those doing toasts, I recommend those toasts be three minutes or less. The reason why I recommend that is if one parent from each side is going to give a toast, plus the Maid of Honor and Best Man – if each of those toasts is four minutes, that is 16 minutes of speeches. People don’t tend to listen after they have been talked at for more than seven minutes nonstop. You really want to keep in mind that you want to keep that timeframe limited. Likely, you are also going to want to give a couple minute toast or thank you at the end of the toasts, which will add another couple of minutes onto the toasts. Limiting the length of the toasts is really going to help.

That is today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday. Real wedding tips from a real wedding planner. I hope you are having a great week! If you are in Minnesota, I hope you are staying warm. Have a good one.

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