Wedding Tip Wednesday – Tips for Wedding Talk at Holiday Parties from a Duluth Wedding Planner

Wedding Tips from A Duluth Wedding Planner

Mary Carlson with Pure Event Planning & Design here. Thanks for joining us for Wedding Tip Wednesday.

I know we are getting close to the holidays, so I want to talk to you a little bit about how to handle talking about your wedding when you are at holiday parties. Yes, you are going to get asked about your wedding. It’s just a part of planning a wedding. Likely, you are going to want to share, which is great. You should feel free to talk to your friends and your family members about what you’re planning for your big and special day. However, what I always tell my clients is careful not to share too much because when you sharing about your wedding, you’re opening yourself up to get some feedback. If you are open and willing to have that feedback – great! Share all the details you want. If you are not looking for feedback from family members and friends about your wedding plans, I would be really careful to keep it kind of general and a little bit vague. You don’t need to share all of the details about your centerpieces. You can tell them maybe your color choices, but even with that someone might try to give you some feedback. As you are getting this feedback, whether it is super vague, something that you don’t care about, just remember that this is your wedding day. Whatever you were planning is really what you should celebrate. If it is something that is really important to a family member, what I recommend that you tell them is, “I’m going to take some time to think about this. After the holiday season let’s maybe grab a coffee and we can talk about this over a bit more.” This response will give you and the other person some time to think about whatever they’re asking you to do on your wedding day.

That’s today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday! Thanks for joining us we look for to seeing you next week. Of course, as we get closer to the holiday season – happy holidays!

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