Wedding Tip Wednesday – Hotel Room Blocks

Wedding Tip Wednesday – Hotel Room Blocks

Wedding Tips from a Wedding Planner in Duluth, Minnesota

Good morning! I am Mary Carlson, owner and lead designer at Pure Event Planning & Design. This is Wedding Tip Wednesday, where every week I give you a quick video blog in which I give you a wedding tip. I am a real wedding planner located in Duluth, Minnesota.

Today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday is about hotel room blocks. Room blocks are important to every wedding. However, they are especially important to book early if it is a popular weekend to travel, if there is an event in town, or if it is a holiday weekend. This particularly impacts my north shore brides. Up here, hotels get expensive and book up quickly.

When you are planning your wedding, after you book your venue, the next call you make should be to hotels to get room blocks set up. I generally recommend that you do a nicer hotel options for those guests that want to splurge a bit on a hotel room. As a second option, also have a hotel that is a bit more affordable. It is great if one of the hotel choices includes a continental breakfast for guests.

If you are more than a year out from your wedding, the hotel may not take your room block reservation yet. At least you can get pricing and you can ask them how many rooms you should block for your wedding weekend.

When you do get the hotel room block set, I strongly suggest you include hotel information on your save the dates. That way your guests can for sure secure a hotel room for your wedding. If you have room blocks for your guests and include hotel information in your save the dates, then the burden becomes your guests’ to actually make the reservation. If they don’t book a hotel and cannot get an affordable room later on, that is on them not on you. You did everything you could to help.

That is today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday. Be sure to get your hotel room blocks as soon as possible and include hotel information on your save the dates. My name is Mary Carlson with Pure Event Planning & Design. I so appreciate you joining us here today. Have a great Wednesday!

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