Wedding Tip Wednesday – Wedding Love Notes

Wedding Tip Wednesday – Write Wedding Day Love Notes

Wedding Tips from a Wedding Planner in Duluth, Minnesota

Hello! My name is Mary Carlson. I am the owner and lead planner at Pure Event Planning and Design. Today is Wedding Tip Wednesday. Every week we meet right here where I do a quick video blog with a wedding tip from a real wedding planner. I am located in Duluth, Minnesota in case you are looking for me. Today, we are going to talk about why writing a love note to your fiancé is a must-do on your wedding day!

Our Wedding Tip Wednesday is relating to Valentine’s day this week! On your wedding day, it is very traditional to give your fiancé a gift. I love this tradition. Make sure your photographer your photographer is there to capture the moment as you open each other’s gifts. Generally, this is done before the bride and groom see each other.

Today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday is that you should include a love letter with that gift! Not just a card, but an actual hand written, longer than a single paragraph love letter. Words are super powerful. Gifts can break. If you buy your future spouse a watch, in 10 years you may not have that. Take the time to write out a really powerful love note to your almost spouse explaining all the reasons you are choosing them. That is something you can treasure for years to come.

These notes can also be shared with your children and grandchildren. By taking a few moments to write out your reasoning for loving one another, you can create a legacy of your love.

I recommend tat you actually do this every year on your anniversary. Again, take the time to write a note about why you still choose to love your spouse. This is a good reminder for ourselves about why we love our spouse, but it is also a good reminder for them. This will make your spouse feel appreciated. These annual notes are also something you can keep for years to come.

My husband and I have a shoebox in our closet full of notes to each other. Sometimes it is super fun to pull those out and read them to one another. We especially like to pull the box out if we are having a little bit of a rough patch. These notes are great reminders as to why we picked each other.

Today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday is write your future spouse a love note! Write a note for the wedding day and then continue to write each other notes every year on your anniversary.

Thank you so much for joining up on Wedding Tip Wednesday where you get real advice from a real wedding planner in Duluth, Minnesota. We appreciate you taking the time!

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