Wedding Tip Wednesday – DIY Bride

Wedding Tip Wednesday – Cut Items from Your DIY To-Do List!

Hi everyone. My name is Mary Carlson and I am the owner + lead wedding planner at Pure Event Planning & Design. Today is Wedding Tip Wednesday. Every week we meet right here to discuss wedding planning tips from a real wedding planner in Duluth, MN.

Today I want to talk about DIY weddings – the DIY Bride. I actually have two tips for our DIY brides, so I am going to do one tip this week and then you can join us again next week for the second DIY bride tip.

This week’s Wedding Tip Wednesday is about making your DIY wedding planning list. If you are planning to do a lot of things for your wedding yourself, or even if you are planning to DIY just a few things, I want you to write them all down! Once you have all of your DIY plans written down, I want you to cross three things off of your list. Look at your list – if you have more than 20 items on your do it yourself list, cut five to-do’s off of your list.

At some point you have to recognize that wedding planning can be overwhelming. Even if you are hiring a team of professionals, planning can still be stressful. You only get to marry this person once. Wedding planning needs to be an enjoyable process. If you are getting overwhelmed, go back to your list and cross another do it yourself wedding task off your list.

If you start to think that you just want this process over – that is not an acceptable way to think during wedding planning. In the event that you find yourself in this state of mind, figure out what you can delegate or cut from your DIY plans.

That is today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday for our DIY brides. Join us here next week when we will discuss DIY brides again.

We do have some other fun stuff coming up this week. We are excited to announce that we joined the Forever Bride family. Click here to check out Forever Bride. Tomorrow morning we are actually going to back live on Fox 21 News at 8 a.m. We are talking about Valentine’s day. Be sure to join us live. I will post the link on our Facebook page in case you miss it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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