Wedding Tip Wednesday – Drunk Bus

Hi everyone. My name is Mary Carlson and I am the owner of Pure Event Planning & Design. This is Wedding Tip Wednesday, where every week I give you some wedding tips. I am a wedding planner here in Duluth, Minnesota.

Today, I want to talk to you about what I have labeled the “drunk bus.” What I mean by this is late night transportation for any of your guests that have consumed too much to drink. What we’ve found in the last few years is that more and more couples are choosing to have a late night shuttle. This shuttle will get guests back to the hotel safely. Over the past year, I have heard more and more complaints about the cost of having this shuttle. Those complaints are fair because those shuttles can be very expensive.

My tip for you today is if you want a late night shuttle for your guests, think outside of the coach bus. The recommendation I normally make to my clients is to rent a school bus. Call and ask local school bus companies to see what it will cost to shuttle guests back to the hotel. It is amazing how much money you can save with school busses! They come at literally a fraction of the cost of a coach bus. Since this is a bus for guests that have had too much to drink, they are not going to complain about a short ride on a school bus. I actually have found many drunk guests find the whole thing rather amusing.

Other options for late night transportation would be to rent a 12 passenger van and have someone drive guests to the hotel. You could book ubers for your guests. Or I’ve even had couples rent out a taxi to make runs to the hotel and back. The taxi can be a little more expensive, so be aware of that. Generally, I recommend you choose a transportation option with a fixed cost so that you know what you are paying before the wedding day.

That is today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday. Think outside of the coach bus for your drunk bus. Thank you for joining us for Wedding Tip Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you right here next week!

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